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Corporación del Fuerte and PetStar inaugurate Collection Plant in Tijuana and announce major investment for Baja California

PetStar inaugurates a PetStar collection plant in Tijuana and announces an investment of 97 MDP for Baja California to open operations in Ensenada and Mexicali this year.

With this investment, 543 million PET bottles per year will be collected by the end of 2023, recovering the PET containers that Corporación del Fuerte and Arca Continental, as part of Industria Mexicana de Coca-Cola (IMCC) put on the market, generating more than 4,000 indirect jobs for scavengers and urban waste collectors in the region.

Corporación del Fuerte and Arca Continental currently recover through PetStar, the equivalent of 6 out of every 10 bottles they put on the market. Together with the Mexican Coca-Cola Industry, they have the goal of reaching 10 out of 10 by 2030 through the global initiative #AWorldWithoutWaste. 


Tijuana, Baja California May 16, 2023.- As part of World Recycling Day, Corporación del Fuerte (CDF) and PetStar, as part of the Mexican Coca-Cola Industry (IMCC), inaugurated the PET Collection Plant in Tijuana, and announced an investment together with Arca Continental of 97MDP for this year in Baja California, to expand its PET bottle collection operations in Ensenada and Mexicali, achieving the collection of more than 543 million PET bottles by the end of 2023, which will be processed in PetStar's largest food-grade PET recycling plant in the world, thus achieving the circularity of its PET containers and generating social, environmental and economic value in the region.


This inauguration event and investment announcement took place at the PetStar Collection Plant in Tijuana, and was led by the Governor of the State of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Avila; the Mayor of Tijuana, Monserrat Caballero; the CEO of Corporación del Fuerte, Rodolfo Marquez; PetStar's General Director Jaime Cámara; accompanied by the Secretary of Environment of the State, Mónica Vega, as well as César Espinosa, Senior Sustainability Manager of Coca-Cola de México and Carlos Mendieta, Director of Public Affairs and Communications of PetStar.


The opening of PetStar's operations in the state will contribute to boosting the growth of PET collection rates and other recoverable materials, implementing better tools for proper waste management and benefiting businesses dedicated to the purchase and sale of recyclable materials. PetStar will initially serve 200 MSMEs, promoting social mobility and empowerment for more than 4,000 scavengers and urban waste collectors in the state, directly benefiting Tijuana, Ensenada, Mexicali and nearby municipalities.




Rodolfo Marquez, CEO of CDF, emphasized that the arrival of PetStar in Baja California, is part of their genuine commitment to sustainability and the welfare of the communities where they operate, which since 2011 they have been shareholders of PetStar, and with the opening of the operation in Baja California, the efforts to increase the collection rate locally and ensure that the containers they put on the market, will be collected and recycled to close the circular economy cycle are tangible, The efforts to increase the collection rate locally and ensure that the containers they put on the market will be collected and recycled to close the cycle of circular economy, also promoting among society and its consumers, actions of greater awareness in the care and conservation of the environment, while making part of the solution to all sectors, business, government and society.


Jaime Cámara, CEO of PetStar, mentioned the important evolution that PET has had to become one of the most collected and recycled materials in Mexico, and that thanks to PetStar's Sustainable Business Model now operating in Baja California, social, environmental and economic +value is guaranteed for all those involved in the chain from a comprehensive approach to the climate agenda and human rights in the collection and recycling sector.


During the event, the Governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar, mentioned that what PetStar is doing is the perfect example of how to achieve a virtuous circle for the different materials and that they are introduced into the chain, finding a new use, without becoming waste. This investment in the state of Baja California by Corporación del Fuerte, Arca Continental and PetStar as part of the Mexican Coca-Cola Industry means an important economic benefit, but also environmental and social wellbeing for the communities. "Nature is not a place where we go to visit, it is our home and the one we will give to future generations, so these actions inspire us to continue multiplying efforts in favor of Baja California and with the collaboration of everyone, love multiplies".


Subsequently, the governor, together with the members of the Presidium, unveiled the plaque to formally inaugurate the facilities of the Tijuana Collection Plant.

Corporación del Fuerte and Arca Continental, are shareholders of PetStar since 2011, a 100% Mexican company that manages to recover 6 out of every 10 bottles that CDF and AC put on the market, integrating the recycled food grade PET resin that PetStar generates in millions of containers, as an example, the blue CIEL bottle.

With the opening of the new PetStar Collection Plant in Tijuana and the investment in Baja California, Corporación del Fuerte, Arca Continental and the Mexican Coca-Cola Industry reinforce their commitment to meeting the goals of #WorldWithoutWaste to recover 10 out of every 10 containers they put on the market and incorporate up to 50% recycled content on average in all their packaging by 2030.


PetStar has a track record of more than 26 years and this growth in new territories in the Mexican Republic represents a milestone moment in its history because it continues to position itself as the +valoR circular economy scheme in the world thanks to its commitment and that of its shareholders with Mexico, thousands of women and men scavengers and urban waste collectors, communities and the planet so that PET bottles never become waste. In 2022, PetStar recycled more than 3.5 billion bottles, benefiting 1,500 MSMEs dedicated to the purchase and sale of recyclable materials and generating more than 33,000 indirect jobs for scavengers and urban waste collectors in Mexico.


In addition, since 2020, it is a carbon neutral company, which means avoiding 108,000 tons of CO2 to the environment in the production of new packaging. It has also been recognized as the company that produces the first and only recycled resin in the world to achieve a C2C (Cradle to Cradle) certification aligned with the circular economy, which guarantees compliance with high standards in health and safety, material reuse, use of renewable energies, efficient use of water and social justice.



Therefore, Mexico maintains its leadership in the continent in terms of collection and recycling of PET containers. In 2022, this figure was 60% at the national level; it is also a leader in the circular economy, as its main application is bottle-to-bottle recycling for food grade, according to ECOCE reports.


To conclude the event, the participants invited the community to exercise a shared responsibility, as well as to continue multiplying efforts between industry, government and citizens. The above highlighting the relevance behind a separation and correct disposal, to the process of transformation and recycling of valuable materials, to achieve #WorldWithoutWaste.


This path to achieve the circular economy of PET packaging makes us unique because no one generates the value that we do and with +value and more love, the results in favor of present and future generations are multiplied.